Blue Devils say no to racism

The Say No To Racism Program aims to address racism and prejudice at the community level, particularly within the school environment.  The goal of the Program is to raise awareness of the importance of mutual respect, fair treatment of all people regardless of their cultural, racial or religious backgrounds and promote the benefits of cultural diversity and social cohesion.

The Program will encourage students to discuss racism and its impact with their families and/or community groups.  It will also encourage students to talk to their teachers and/or parents/carers if they experience or witness racism or any other issues such as bullying or harassment.  Furthermore, the Say No To Racism Program will also provide a platform for students to teach other students and teachers about their culture and heritage.

The launch was at Kaleen Primary School and Belconnen players in attendance included Sofia Merkoureas, Jessie Williams, Conor Nolan and Jason Ugrinic.

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