JPL Report – Round 4 – 2 May 2015

BUDS U12’s Belconnen United 7 vs Brindabella Blues 2

Goal scorers D. Reitstatter (3), J.Raccosta (1), J. Eager (1), J. Hart (1) and S.Tregurtha (1).

BUDS U14’s Belconnen United 3 vs Capital Football 1

Goal scorers Indy Anderson (2), Nelson Curley (1).

BUDS U16’s Belconnen United 5 vs Weston Molonglo 0

The birds were signing, the sun was shining, the boys were feeling the trepidation of the moment and then the passes were flowing. That’s how the first game of the season started for the U16’ BUD’s squad on Saturday afternoon at Hawker.

Jaxon Hanily [Power Saving Centre Canberra] received an excellent through ball from George Hay in the first minute of the game from a one two after pressing and winning the ball at the top of the Molonglo Weston box. 1-0 after 1 minute was the Start Coach Ryan Schroder could only have hoped for.

Play was free flowing for United for the next 15mins with the boys controlling the play and tempo across the park. Then with Kyle Gallagher fouled in the box at the 20min point Jaxon was able to slot another past the keeper from the spot.

Play continued and United maintained possession for a majority of the half thanks to some dogged determination by Harry Subasic in the middle before he came off suffering stomach cramps shortly before half time. His pressure however subsequently resulted in a goal from George Hay after a strong run up the left wing, through 2 players in the box and a solid left foot between the goalie and the near post.

Half time 3-0 with United maintaining 80% of the possession and stringing a 19 pass play together at one stage that ended in a flurry of shots being turned away by the Weston Molonglo Keeper in a display that had everyone in the crowd applauding his effort.

The second half kicked off as the first had finished with United maintaining possession and sending the ball wide to Mikey Dariol, David Hayter, Cameron Chambers and Taylor O’Connor for probing runs wide while Kyle Gallagher, Jaxon Hanily and Jayden Smith maintained possession and control through the centre of the pitch. Kyle having moved there from upfront making way for Parsa Tabatabaei who was worrying the Molonglo defence with every run on the ball.

Pressing and maintaining possession resulted in 2 more goals from Jayden Smith and Taylor O’Connor. Molonglo’s only defence to our pressure was the long clearance ball which subsequently went straight to our stout defence of Lucus Falconer (before moving forward), Alex Wilson, Lachlan Terry, Bailey Ross and Bailey Toscan who with Mitch Craig saw off every forward run that Molonglo were able to muster.

A late challenge at the top of the box against George Hay saw him leave the field with about 15mins remaining, but with 16 on the card a replacement was easy enough to find. Stud marks on several other players were the only other injury concerns. Comments from the referee to coach Ryan regarding United’s midfield possession and positional play was very complimentary and encouraging.

Goal scorers Jaxon Hanily (2), George Hay (1), Jayden Smith (1), Taylor O’Connor (1).

PL U12’s Belconnen United 2 vs Cooma Tigers 1

The trip to Cooma raised some challenges for the Belconnen boys but they managed to hold on to record their third straight win and remain on top of the table. The long grass and close physical play hindered Belconnen’s attacks. However Odhran, who is in the rich vein of form, scored the first goal following a weaving run and pass from Riley. One – nil.

The play was then locked in the midfield with both teams unable to make a break. Finally Belconnen surged forward with Ethan coming off the bench and making a run down the right with a great strike to find the top of the net. Two – nil.

The second half was a congested affair with neither team able to move the ball quickly. Cooma scored with 20 minutes to go, to set up an interesting finish. Belconnen had a number of opportunities to close out the game but was unable to take their chances. Thankfully Belconnen maintained possession until time ran out.

PL U14’s Belconnen United 3 vs Cooma Tigers 1

The fourth game of the season saw our boys travelling to Cooma. With clear instructions from the training sessions this week to switch quickly from defence to attack and utilize the space over the wings the boys were well prepared by Paul, Daniel and Simon. Also, the greater width of the Tigers pitch in Cooma compared to our home ground was an advantage to our playing style. Chris had the fan group well-prepared for a little after game party. So what could have gone wrong?

In the first half almost nothing … except maybe missing a few chances to go with a higher score into half time. Belconnen started very strong domination effective ball possession in mid-field and the Tigers half. The mid-field around Niki, Jackson and Luca stood up high launching many attacks over Jono as ten and especially the right wing over birthday boy Nathan. It did not take long and Jono could have scored from inside the box with a ball laid across from Luca. Jono’s next attack saw him outsprinting the defence but then missing the chip around the goalkeeper. The chances were increasing as many crosses came in from Nathan on the right but first Liam, then Zedan and at last Leon missing the the last step to score. It almost looked like a 0:0 at half time when Luca’s great work effort was paid of striking a powerful ball into the left corner.

Happy coaches, manager and support fans saw the best half the boys had played so far this season (including the pre-season matches) so it was not surprising that the second half was a bit weaker (but just a bit). Belconnen kept dominating the game defending still very high around Olie, Corey, Jono and Max. The second goal seemed to be just a matter of time when a launched attack on the right was blocked and the ball came across to Leon putting the ball on his left boot and striking the 2:0 with no reaction of the Tigers goal keeper. After being up by two goals you could see the relief in the boys faces not being caught on a counter attack. The game then was put home by a strike from Noah on the left bouncing twice and over the goalie’s gloves. It almost would have been a perfect game when some weak defending of the whole team let the Tigers score on a corner. Ben in goal had a quiet afternoon and no chance to defend that strike out of 3-4 meter distance.

Everybody agreed by cake and drinks (juice and water) what a wonderful game we all saw. The boys chilled out together and well let’s keep that up boys for the next week clash against the Skilleroos at Hawker.

PL U16’s Belconnen United 8 vs Cooma Tigers 4

Travelling to Cooma on a beautiful day can only be better if we come home with a win by playing good football.  This was in the back of the minds of the coaching duo in Jimmy ‘The Greek God’ Kanaridis and Col ‘The Rock’ Stirton as they instructed the boys to continue on with the good work during the week, onto the park come game-day.  The boys played their best football to date as they were able to hold 65% of the play in the first half with over 68% of passes completed, finding targets.  We were able to string together 19 passes in our best move with an average of just under 6 passes per set play.  We managed to score 4 goals in the first half with 20% accuracy.

Our midfields Connor Schroder, Jayde James-Ward & Tom Adamson dominating this area of the park setting up the majority of 42 attempts at goals.  They became the link between the backs and the attacking players for the major period of the game.  The back four in Zach Browning, Nelson Cary, Marshall Dickson & Reaghan Travers were solid again playing against several  highly named players in Michael Kita and Nicholas Haridemos but the final score tells who dominated this match.

The second half saw similar statistics as the boys were able to control up to 63% of possession, having 67% of passes completed and averaged just under 5 string passes and scoring another 4 goals averaging 24% accuracy from shots on goals and scoring.  Taking nothing away from Cooma, but they were strangled from the very first kick off and the boys did not let up till the final whistle.  A complete demonstration of dominance was shown and we look forward to our next challenge against ACTAS at Hawker synthetic next Saturday.

Goal scorers Nick Rolls (3), Liam Rae (3), Ricci James-Ward (1), Martin Crome (1).