JPL Round 11 – Boys U16s PL Vs Canberra FC

Belconnen 1 Drew Canberra FC 1

With a week of rain, the Kaleen enclosed pitch drained well as we prepared to take on Canberra FC in front of our sun gods, who were looking over us the entire day.

This game was marked as a tough game, despite previous results. Traditionally, Canberra FC is not a side that we take lightly as they have players that can play down at age and especially against Belconnen, and that didn’t come with any surprise. With young Mate Barasic playing his second game of the day with Canberra FC and before heading over to Croatia, he gave the boys some fancy footwork over the ball but wasn’t able to find the back of the net today.

The game was not the style of football we have been accustomed too over the many weeks of football, it had a sluggish feel about it with possession spread evenly across both teams. It would take over 58 minutes before the first goal was scored, by Canberra FC who took the lead from a corner kick that saw Niki Spelic header the ball uncontested inside the 6 yard box past Chris Milisevic who had a very strong game, despite letting in a goal.

The game would see-saw for the next 10 minutes in the mid-field, before Tom Adamson took on the opposition with some blinding runs that saw opportunities light up, but no goals, but it would take one of our new imports from the South Coast in Jayden Smith, who was also playing in his Premier League debut for the club score a much needed goal that saw the keeper diving to his right but not stopping it before the line. This brought the score back to 1 all.

The game saw many strong tackles that went unnoticed, and some that caught the eye of the central referee, but this didn’t change the style of game which saw Paul Siwabessy fall with an ankle injury and is likely to sit out one or two weeks and our Far South Coast import in Lachlan Terry, who was involved in an mid-air head clash saw him needing helped from the field.

Strong performance from the boys in getting a point from the game, but worth noting man of the match awards evenly spread across a number of players: Martin Crome, Marshall Dickson, Jayde James-Ward, Chris Milisevic, Jayden Smith, Reaghan Travers & Tom Cochrane.

It is also worth noting that we were without the following players who were competing in the Manchester United/Nike tournament in Sydney over the weekend, players were:
(1). Liam Rae, (2). Connor Schroder, (3). Josh McCarthy, (4). Nelson Cary, (5). Michael Dariol and (6). Zach Browning.

Goal Scorers: Jayden Smith (1).

We now prepare ourselves for Canberra Olympic at Downer next week.