BUFC Statement concerning Canberra United Academy

To the Canberra Football Community,

The new Belconnen United Football Club (BUFC) board, as of the 16th of February 2016 has reconsidered its stance to forfeit all Canberra United games, agreed by NPL Presidents including former BUFC club President, Jaime Garrido.  As of the 3rd of February, Jaime announced to the BUFC board he will step down immediately giving personal work commitments as his reasons.

The BUFC board believes the decision taken by the NPL Presidents was made on the basis that they would receive total support from their respective board and club members.  Following internal consultation BUFC believes the current decision was not unanimous and there was a lack of consultation within our club in proceeding with the current approach.

Whilst BUFC collectively believes that the current development systems, strategy and collaboration between clubs and Capital Football needs attention and change, BUFC does not support an embargo on games against Canberra United teams at this time.  It is our firm belief that no players within the ACT should be restricted from playing football as this is not conducive to the development of players within our region.

BUFC accepts that our decision will not be seen favourably, however we feel that our decision is in the best interests of player development.  Further, we urge all clubs to resolve the current approach by working with Capital Football to continue Governance reform through dialogue and other means, without a restriction on games or players.

BUFC would like to continue discussions with NPL clubs in collaboration with Capital Football to develop a greater strategy and plan for the development of NPL clubs and their players within our region.

We look forward to working with you during the season.

The Board
Belconnen United Football Club