Cash Bonanza Raffle 2016


1st Prize – $5000 cash
2nd Prize – $1500 cash
3rd Prize – $500 cash

$5 per ticket or 5 for $20

Drawn on Saturday 6th August 2016 at half time of the NPL game at Mckellar Stadium. Winner notified by phone, details published in the Public Notices Section of The Canberra Times on Saturday 13th August 2016.

Tickets are now being distributed to the contacts within the club.
Ask your team managers next week to purchase your tickets, or grab a book from your manager to sell at your workplace.

Permit No. ACT R 16/00040

Seller’s Prize $250
The seller who sells the most tickets will win $250. To ensure your sold tickets are credited to you, please write your name on the back of the sold stub before returning all tickets to the committee. Do not write your name on stubs before they are sold!

Returning tickets
Please leave all ticket books stapled to return to the committee. All cash and unsold tickets must be returned by Saturday 23rd July 2016 or earlier if sold so we can keep a close eye on sales.

If you are unable to sell tickets then please pass them on to someone who can. Do not hold on to them and return them unsold. This is a major fundraiser for the club and you are what will make it a success.

Do not sell raffle tickets under the assumption the buyer will deposit the money into the BUFC account. This can only be organised by emailing