Call to arms

Dear Players, Parents and Friends

You are invited to participate in the Belconnen United Football Club (BUFC) “Sustainability Project 2016”.

BUFC has had great on-field success in recent years, backed by first class facilities at McKellar Park and Kaleen Enclosed and the links to two licenced clubs (McKellar and Hawker). Much of the on field success is directly attributed to the three successful feeder clubs (Belsouth, Belwest and Belnorth) both in terms of providing players and coaches.

This success is underpinned by the volunteers who keep this club running. From the outside, the model looks very self-sustaining and many players, parents and friends might not realise how any contribution they make is needed and would be welcomed by the club.

Our continued success and ability to build into the future requires all players, parents and friends to contribute. We would love to be working with the ACT Government to secure training facilities with flood lights to enable our teams to train earlier and on higher quality surfaces. We would love to continue to renew all training equipment and uniforms. We would love to be working with all our teams to play interstate and intrastate competitions.

We hope to build on the success we had in 2015, and give all BUFC families a chance to be involved in our club. We would especially encourage families which are new to BUFC to get involved. Volunteering is a great way to meet people and make friends. We have over 340 families at BUFC and we would be grateful if every family would nominate to do “just one thing” throughout the year. Apart from building up our club, a successful campaign will make a significant contribution to BUFC’s financial position, and help to keep our registration fees as low as possible.

Below is a list of “Things” that we would appreciate your assistance with. Please download the attachment, fill in the form by ticking just one box (or more if you wish) and place your contact details at the bottom of the page. Please return to as soon as possible, so that we can collate the responses, and when the time comes, someone from BUFC will be in contact with you regarding your participation.

Yours Sincerely,

Tony Barr

DOWNLOAD: Call to arms letter