Vision and Values


1. Introduction

It is important that BUFC determines its mandate or vision, mission/purpose, and values. Creating these documents for BUFC are essential as they provide the club with a sense of identity and provide definition and limits.

As well as outlining goals and they can help evaluate and affirm the clubs ongoing direction and evolution as a club.

Setting out a vision, mission, and values will provide exceptional guidance when making decisions within the Club.

Having Coaches, Players, Parents aware of the BUFC vision, mission, and values, we are more likely to support these statements and align our efforts to fulfill the mission.

Once these founding documents are created it is essential to communicate these policies and make them available for all members and public to view (including the website, facebook etc)

Statements to be created include:
A Club philosophy (creating a vision, mission, and values is this)
A Motto or mantra, and
Goals and objectives

BUFC Vision:

β€œTo continually promote both football and personal excellence for each player, coach and administrator and a life long love of the game in a respectful and supportive environment. We believe football is more than just a game; with BUFC – Be the best you can.”


BUFC Values:


Passion: we instill love for the sport that encourages football for life

Respect: fellow teammates, coaches, and Club, and support them to your utmost in your team endeavours. Also show the same respect to Opponents

Integrity: we act in a fair and consistent and transparent manner

Dedication: we expect all members to make a commitment to the club and to its teams. Teamwork

Excellence: We set, work towards, and achieve the highest standards